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The web is a complex beast, and one that more and more companies are coming to rely on as an essential companent in the way they do business.

The problem is that, for the vast majority of companies, the web does not work very well - because their sites have not been built with results in mind. Indeed, in many cases sites are static, and are hardly ever developed, even though their owners probably comissioned them in the first place with lots of good intentions.

What most people want are business opportunities from their website. For that you need an informed web strategy, embracing the content and tone of the site and how to maximise its impact.

SupportPlan has a highly developed solution for companies that need a little hand-holding through the technical minefield of the web, or who need ongoing assistance to ensure that their website is working as effectively as possible, attracting new visitors, getting found in searches, and encouraging people to return.

With wide expertise and proprietory technologies, we can act as a one-stop shop for remedies for your web ills.

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